Why Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon for Your Mommy Makeover in Scottsdale?

Selecting a female plastic surgeon in Scottsdale for your mommy makeover is an important choice to consider. A mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that help women rejuvenate their figure and enhance their self-image. The treatment has gained popularity for its transformative and long-lasting results. A mommy makeover can address stubborn problem areas, including stretched abdominal skin, sagging or droopy breasts, and excess fat around the stomach.

Choosing a plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover is an important decision. The surgeon you choose should, of course, be highly skilled and experienced. Also, you should also feel safe and comfortable with your doctor to ensure your treatment goes smoothly. Female plastic surgeons, like Dr. Ashley Howarth in Scottsdale, provide a unique advantage because they can relate naturally with their patients and make them feel more at ease.

Below are three reasons why you may consider choosing a female plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover procedure in Scottsdale.

Female plastic surgeon for Mommy Makeover

Female Plastic Surgeons Spend More Time with Patients

Mommy makeovers are highly customizable treatments that may consist of a variety of different procedures. Because of this, your initial consultation is critical. It is essential that your surgeon understands your concerns and goals, in order to provide a personalized treatment plan that will deliver your best results. Studies show that female plastic surgeons, like Dr. Howarth, actually spend more time in their consultations and are more likely to develop a strong rapport with their patients.

Feel Comfortable Consulting with Female Plastic Surgeon

During your initial consultation, you will have a chance to explain your concerns to your plastic surgeon. It may be necessary that you disrobe to show them your problem areas, especially if your main issues are with your stomach, breasts, hips, or thighs. If the idea of showing your body to a man makes you uncomfortable, a female plastic surgeon could be a better choice. Your consultation is the perfect time for you to help your doctor understand the results you’re hoping to achieve and ask any questions you may have. It is important that you are comfortable sharing your concerns with your doctor and can show them your body without feeling embarrassed. 


Female Plastic Surgeons Know the Female Anatomy

Male plastic surgeons are certainly qualified to perform mommy makeovers, but they will never quite know how it feels to have a woman’s point of view. Women’s bodies can change significantly over time, and it may be difficult for a male doctor to understand what it’s like to need a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. A female plastic surgeon can make you more at ease because they know the female anatomy, and they can relate more to the insecurities you feel about your body.

Choosing Your Female Plastic Surgeon for Mommy Makeover

Dr. Ashley Howarth is a Leading Specialist for Mommy Makeover Surgeries

If you’re searching for a female plastic surgeon in Scottsdale for your Mommy Makeover, consider Dr. Ashley Howarth. As a working mother and leading female plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Dr. Howarth understands the challenges women face after childbirth and can you reach your goal results.

For more information, please visit our Mommy Makeover Scottsdale page or request a consultation.

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