Best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale Arizona

Who are the Best Plastic Surgeons in Scottsdale, Arizona?

When it comes to plastic surgery, all patients want to find the best plastic surgeon for their care. Some magazines have feature articles highlighting the best plastic surgeons in Arizona. Search engines are full of results for the top plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. Furthermore, most marketing materials make claims of being the top or number one plastic surgeon.

With multiple sources, and many opinions, how can a patient really know who is the best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale? Read on, because in this post we will look at the various rankings of plastic surgeons and how you might make your selection of the best plastic surgeon for you.

Rankings for the Best Plastic Surgeons in Scottsdale

With so much interest in cosmetic surgery, it is natural that plastic surgeons want to stand out and differentiate themselves. However, in the desire to stand out and be the best, the terms “top plastic surgeon” and “best plastic surgeon” are both widely used in marketing materials. There are several sources to find rankings for plastic surgeons, but on what information do they base their rankings? Below, we will provide context for Phoenix Magazine, airline seatback magazines, and online reviews like Google, Yelp, and RealSelf.

Phoenix Magazine

Phoenix Magazine is a vibrant publication full of excellent resources relevant to our beautiful city. Its annual issue featuring Top Doctor profiles is very popular and highly anticipated each year. Their rankings are based on peer nomination and a list is provided of selected doctors in each specialty. However, the featured “Top Doctor Profiles” are randomly selected doctors from their lists. According to their website, the highlighted doctors are selected by throwing “a dart on the map” at their list of doctors. It is useful to understand the caveat that their doctors are “among the best in the Valley.” Regardless of the nominating methodology, inclusion on the list is an honor. Physicians may be given the option purchase a plaque to highlight their commendation.

Airline Seatback Pocket Magazines

Have you ever found yourself reaching for the magazine in the seatback pocket on an airplane? These magazines often feature headlines such as “These Doctors are Among the Best Plastic Surgeons in America.” According to the advertisement’s publisher, the doctors included are peer nominated and verified by a “top doctor source.” It is unclear whether a physician can self-report themself as a Best Doctor and thus gain inclusion on the list.

The “among the best” qualifier seems to emphasize verifiable credentials such as education, training, board certification, and disciplinary history. Most likely, after being nominated and vetted as a top doctor, the headline is a paid advertisement by a physician seeking to get their name out to large numbers of people. One physician critic of these types of articles pointed out in The Atlantic that “too many really fine physicians are not included, and some of those featured are there for the wrong reasons.”

Online Reviews: Google, Yelp, RealSelf

Anyone who has searched online for anything knows that online reviews abound. Google, Yelp and RealSelf are three such review engines that many people consider. Interestingly, some doctors may utilize these review sites, while others may not. Some doctors emphasize asking their patients to review them online, while others make no such request.

By realizing this, a patient should recognize that online reviews reflect only part of the picture. Consequently, they may not reflect a doctor’s qualifications or experience. While patient satisfaction is important, a personal interaction with a physician is as well. By examining a surgeon’s education, experience, and talents, you can gather a great deal of relevant information. Certainly, do not discount your own opinion when making this important decision.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale

With multiple magazines sources available, combined with scores of online reviews, you may feel overwhelmed about how to truly find the best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. There is no industry standard of how a plastic surgeon rates amongst peers. Undeniably, subjectivity plays a role in rankings with different publications applying different criteria. Some articles, in fact, are paid advertisements.

Therefore, perhaps it is best to accept that there are many amazing plastic surgeons in Scottsdale. Instead of one best plastic surgeon, there are many highly skilled physicians who each have different strengths, weaknesses, and areas of expertise.

Community of Plastic Surgeons in Arizona (Including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Gilbert)

Indeed, professionalism and camaraderie thrive within the community of Scottsdale plastic surgeons. Many surgeons work and operate together daily. Some share office and operating room space and refer patients to one another.

As in most medical fields, plastic surgeons tend to differentiate and develop their own areas of expertise. Some surgeons have become more well known for facial aesthetic surgery, while others focus on breast and body cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons in hospital-based practices tend to concentrate on trauma, cancer reconstruction, and craniofacial surgery. Below, we will delve further into some of the different types of plastic surgeons.

Types of Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons

Even within the specialty of plastic surgery, there are subspecialties and niches of plastic surgeons. For example, some plastic surgeons operate mainly on the face, performing neck, face, and eye surgery. Other plastic surgeons have found a niche in breast and body, excelling at breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and mommy makeover surgeries.

A handful of plastic surgeons blend multiple subspecialties, focusing on comprehensive aesthetics, with exceptional results in breast, body, and facial surgery. Hospital based plastic surgery groups, such as the Mayo Clinic, offer advanced reconstruction following trauma or cancer surgery. Craniofacial surgeons specialize in restoring the face from congenital defects, such as cleft lip and palate.

As you can see, the scope of plastic surgery extends across many areas of expertise and incorporates multiple high-level procedures. Realistically, there is no best plastic surgeon for all procedures. Rather many plastic surgeons specialize in certain areas, becoming recognized for exceptional results.

Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon

Although sometimes used interchangeably, the terms plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon are not necessarily the same type of physician. Many doctors of different specialties claim to be cosmetic surgeons, which is not an ACGME accredited specialty. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, meets the accreditation standard and is a recognized medical specialty.

Once you have identified your physician is indeed a plastic surgeon, it makes sense to verify his or her training accreditation. Accreditation is a process that a medical program undergoes, verifying compliance to certain rigorous standards. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) renders accreditation decisions after a thorough review of the medical program. To be sure, when choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to verify that your surgeon completed training at an accredited ACGME residency program.

Also important is a physician’s board-certified or board-eligible status. Surgeons seeking board eligibility have committed to the highest comprehensive training and testing within their specialty. By participating in the certification process through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a surgeon reflects a commitment to high standards and arduous training within their professional field.

How many Plastic Surgeons are in Scottsdale, AZ?

Scottsdale, AZ has become a destination location for relaxation, sunshine, and plastic surgery. Sometimes it seems there are as many plastic surgeons as there are days of sunlight in Scottsdale. However, according to Google Maps, there are at least 30 Scottsdale plastic surgeons in practice. As the population of Arizona continues to grow, expect to see more plastic surgeons opening their cosmetic surgery practices in Scottsdale. Amongst this group of doctors, and with more to come, how can you decide who is the best plastic surgeon for you? There are many qualities to consider.

Five Qualities of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Scottsdale

There are many important qualities you should expect from any of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale. Select a plastic surgeon after carefully considering the following:

Education and Experience

As stated earlier, seek out a physician who has graduated from an accredited plastic surgery program. Also, recognize that a plastic surgeon who is either board-certified or board-eligible has made the voluntary decision to commit to the highest level of professional training. This speaks to the surgeon’s overall commitment to excellence. Top tier education coupled with experience should offer assurances that your surgical care will be second to none.

Compassionate Care: Before, During and After Surgery

Generally, technical surgical skill is integral to great results. Equally important is a surgeon’s ability to offer compassionate care from beginning to end. Undergoing any surgery can be stressful or worrisome for most patients. Therefore, choose a surgeon who listens intently so you feel supported and understood throughout the process. A superb physician recognizes that compassionate care is paramount to achieving outstanding outcomes.

Office Staff: Consistency, Professionalism, Comfort

The best plastic surgeons instill a sense of pride, consistency, and professionalism throughout their office. As a result, office interactions will be positive and helpful. By noticing phone interactions and front desk experiences, you will gain good insight into the character of the practice. Do not settle for anything less than extraordinary care.

Operating Facilities

A plastic surgeon’s operating facilities should be stellar, state-of- the-art and highly equipped for optimal patient care. Accordingly, ask where your surgeon operates and ensure that you feel comfortable with the facility. Consider the anesthesia providers as well. The best plastic surgeons work with the best anesthesiologists, collaborating to achieve optimal outcomes. Also, does your plastic surgeon have a comfortable overnight recovery center when recommended after longer, more complex surgeries?


The best plastic surgeons listen carefully to your personal goals. In general, your plastic surgeon should spend ample time preparing you for the postoperative course and explaining your expected results. Setting realistic expectations is one sign of an excellent surgeon.

The Best Plastic Surgeon is the One Who Realizes your Goals

Just as each patient has personalized goals, each plastic surgeon brings a unique skill set, background and personality to the case. Remember, when choosing a plastic surgeon, the decision is multifaceted. There are many important factors to consider. We hope this blog post assists your search for the best plastic surgeon who can help you realize your goals.


About Dr. Ashley Howarth

Dr. Howarth is among the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale for the reasons above. Highly educated and having trained at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Howarth is a board-certified plastic surgeon. With palpable compassion, she strives to make patients comfortable before, during and after surgery. She offers effective communication, kindness, and a willingness to consistently meet her patient’s needs.

The office staff of Dr. Ashley Howarth embodies a spirit of camaraderie and professionalism. Patients enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of her beautiful Paradise Valley office. The Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center where Dr. Howarth operates is a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center. Many of Scottsdale’s most elite plastic surgeons operate at the center as well.

Results matter to Dr. Howarth. Recognized for her technical expertise and obsession with detail, Dr. Howarth is one of Arizona’s most in demand female plastic surgeons. Her outstanding results in a variety of aesthetic procedures make her the plastic surgeon of choice for many patients in Arizona.

To find out more about Dr. Ashley Howarth and our plastic surgery procedures, please request an initial consultation.


Dr. Ashley Howarth one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale


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