When Will My Breasts Go Back to Normal After Pregnancy?


When will my breasts go back to normal after pregnancy is a very common question we receive. Yes, having a baby can change everything. Certainly, a woman’s body undergoes a significant transformation through pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. As amazing as the process is, many women find themselves wondering if their breasts will ever go back to normal after pregnancy.

When will my breasts go back to normal after pregnancy?

Realistically, there is no set answer. Every woman’s body is different, and each has a unique postpartum recovery. Sometimes, the body and breasts do return to near pre-pregnancy shape. In other cases, women describe their breasts as forever changed once they have delivered, and possibly breastfed a child.  Keep reading, because in this blog post, we will answer the factors effecting if your breasts will go back to normal after pregnancy.

Why do some women get back to normal after pregnancy and others not?

Generally, permanent changes after childbirth depend on many factors. Age, genetics, hormones, and skin type may impact the “bounce back” factor of a woman’s body. Additionally, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy, stretch marks and weight loss can affect the breasts’ appearance. Time spent breastfeeding can also impact the overall appearance and projection of the breast, especially after multiple pregnancies.

What if I am unhappy with my breasts and appearance after pregnancy?

In truth, some changes in your body may leave you feeling unhappy with your appearance. In some cases, women do not feel like themselves anymore, and find their self-esteem suffering. If you feel dissatisfied with the look of your body or breasts after pregnancy, perhaps you may consider plastic surgery. A mommy makeover and breast rejuvenation are two common cosmetic procedures that can improve your appearance and help you regain self-confidence. Let us discuss those procedures in greater detail.

When will my breasts go back to normal after pregnancy?

Do Nipples Go Back to Normal After Pregnancy?

Many women wonder do nipples go back to normal after pregnancy. Breastfeeding can cause the nipples to stretch and become more elongated. Sometimes the nipples will go back to normal after pregnancy, but not always. Some women may experience permanent changes to their nipples after pregnancy, such as an increase in nipple size or a change in nipple color. Additionally, genetics can play a role in the extent of nipple changes after pregnancy. If a woman’s mother or sister experienced significant changes in their nipples after pregnancy, it is possible that she may also experience similar changes. Ultimately, while nipple changes are common during and after pregnancy, most women can expect their nipples to return to their previous state over time.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a carefully designed plastic surgery plan developed with your specific goals in mind. It addresses physical changes in your body after you have delivered and perhaps breastfed a baby. In effect, the goal of the mommy makeover is to help restore you to the vibrant, pre-pregnancy physical condition that you desire. In most cases, women wish to improve the abdominal and breast region, as these areas experience the greatest changes in motherhood.

A mommy makeover plan is completely unique to you; however, most surgical plans include tummy tuck and breast augmentation and/or breast lift. In some cases, a mommy makeover can also include labiaplasty, breast reduction or liposuction. Your plastic surgeon can recommend the precise combination of procedures to deliver the results you desire, leaving you invigorated, confident and restored after having children.

Breast Rejuvenation After Having a Baby

A breast rejuvenation procedure renews your breasts, restoring them to a more youthful appearance. Undoubtedly, pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave your body a bit deflated with excess skin or changed tone. Consequently, deciding to rejuvenate your post-pregnancy breasts can lead to increased confidence in many areas of your life. There are several rejuvenating procedures that address breast sagging, lost breast volume, and overall breast changes associated with motherhood.

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy

Breast augmentation is a general term for a procedure that enlarges or increases the volume of the breast. Indeed, most women who seek breast augmentation desire fuller, larger breasts and using a breast implant is the most common way to achieve this result. There are many types of breast implants, surgical techniques, and options available for women seeking augmentation. A skilled plastic surgeon is the expert who can guide you through the options and implants available for breast augmentation.

Breast Lift After Pregnancy

A breast lift is a rejuvenating surgical procedure that alters the projection of the breast to a more pleasing aesthetic contour. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, some women feel dissatisfied by the sagging of their breast tissue. A lift removes excess skin and repositions breast tissue to a higher projection. In effect, a breast lift creates a more perky, youthful silhouette.

Breast Auto-Augmentation Fat Transfer After Pregnancy

A less common, but also effective way to reshape the breasts is through a procedure called auto-augmentation fat transfer. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon uses fatty tissue from a different area of your body to enlarge your breasts. In general, this procedure works best for women who desire a modest increase in breast size and those who have a good shape and skin tone to their breasts. Alternatively, if a patient seeks a more significant increase in volume or has sagging breasts, augmentation with implants is usually the more indicated procedure.

How soon after pregnancy and having a baby can I have a mommy makeover or breast augmentation?

To achieve an ideal result, you should wait to have your mommy makeover or breast augmentation until you are at least six months past pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your body should have returned to a baseline weight and you should be in overall good health. Furthermore, you should be ready to improve your body through surgery.
It makes sense to wait to schedule your cosmetic surgery until you have completed your family. While these procedures do not prevent you from having more children in the future, a subsequent pregnancy is likely to impact your results.

Because every woman’s situation is unique, the best way to determine the optimal timing for a mommy makeover or breast rejuvenation is to schedule a plastic surgery consultation.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ashley Howarth

Dr. Ashley Howarth, one of the best plastic surgeons in Arizona, is known for her attention to detail, top tier surgical skills, and beautiful, natural results for women. As a mother herself, Dr. Howarth understands the feelings associated with changes due to pregnancy and childbirth. Her kindness is notable for putting patients at ease throughout the plastic surgery process.

The first step of the process is to schedule an in-office consultation. During this visit, you will have a comprehensive exam, and plenty of time to ask questions. After discussing your concerns, Dr. Howarth will skillfully develop a plan of care that addresses your personal goals.

For many women in Arizona, Dr. Howarth is the plastic surgeon of choice for mommy makeover and breast rejuvenation procedures, helping mothers look and feel their best through advanced techniques and compassionate care.

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