Can you get Nipple Piercings if you have Breast Implants?

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, it is likely that you have questions about the different options available to enhance your physique. Whether you are considering breast implants, a breast lift, or a Mommy Makeover procedure, it is a fact that no two patients are identical. Indeed, each patient brings a unique set of questions to every appointment. As a top plastic surgical practice in Scottsdale, we sometimes encounter the question “Can I get breast implants if I have a nipple piercing?”

In short answer, yes.

Nipple piercing is a type of body piercing, often at the base of the nipple, which creates a small hole through the tissue. Often jewelry is inserted through the piercing with many sizes and styles available. In fact, the practice of nipple piercing dates back hundreds of years.

Because a breast implant placement is well beneath the tissues of the nipple, there is no interference between a piercing and an implant. There are, however, factors to consider when considering breast implants after a nipple piercing.

Nipple piercings breast implants

Where is the Breast Implant placed in relation to the Nipple Piercing?

In general, the piercing is through the base of the nipple, close to the areola of the breast. Your surgeon can place breast implants under the chest muscle, or over the chest muscle, but always beneath the existing breast tissue, including the areola. For this reason, the piercing is not near the breast implant.

Your implant placement is based on the specific surgical technique utilized, considering the type of implant you are receiving, and the personalized goals you have for your body. A highly skilled surgeon will develop a detailed plan that yields a beautiful aesthetic outcome, with your preferences in mind.

Can I get Breast Implants with Nipple Piercings?

For the most part, yes, you are a candidate for breast implants if you have nipple piercings. If anything, the nipple piercing is a point of discussion you may want to broach with your plastic surgeon.

Generally, removing the piercing, and cleansing the area with a sterile wash, is the treatment of choice when undergoing a breast augmentation procedure when you have a nipple piercing. Sometimes, patients ask if they should replace the piercing with a plastic spacer for surgery, and our general answer is no.

In our experience, removing a piercing for surgery, and then either reinserting the jewelry when healed, or re-piercing the nipple, works in most circumstances. Your doctor may or may not recommend a plastic spacer. Ultimately, consult your physician for professional advice on your specific case.

Do I need to take my Nipple Piercings out before Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In some cases, you do not need to need to remove nipple piercings before getting breast implants. If you will be undergoing a breast lift, then you will certainly need to remove the piercing. In most breast lift procedures (including a breast lift without implants), the position of the areola changes, so to allow for cosmetic repositioning and best-case aesthetic outcomes, you should remove your nipple piercing.

With a breast lift, the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and may be manipulating the tissues in this area. To achieve an ideal cosmetic outcome, remove your piercings.

Also, this type of peri-areolar incision is slightly more often associated with a higher risk of infection than an inframammary incision, which occurs beneath the breast in the inframammary fold. In these cases, the nipple piercings are an added liability, so removal tends to decrease infection routes, and minimize infection-related complications.

Can I get my Nipples Pierced after Breast Implant Surgery?

Usually after the post-operative phase, you should be able to get your nipples pierced without issue. In general, surgeons will recommend you wait at least three months to assure that your body has healed and that your entire system is back up and running full speed. Remember, every case is unique, so consult your physician for specific recommendations.

Should I get my Nipples Pierced before or after Breast Augmentation?

It’s generally recommended to get nipple piercings after breast augmentation surgery, as the nipples can shift and change position during the procedure, which may affect the placement of the piercings. In addition, nipple piercings can increase the risk of infection, which can delay healing and affect the overall outcome of the breast augmentation surgery. It’s important to wait until the breasts have fully healed and any swelling has subsided before getting piercings to minimize the risk of complications.

Should I have any other concerns about Breast Implants and Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercings, by their nature, do introduce a small opening route from the outside world into the mammary tissue of the breast. Because of this entry way, experts believe that there may be an increased risk of infection for the breast in general, when a nipple piercing is present. This risk carries over into breast surgery.

Your surgeon may introduce a nipple shield during breast augmentation surgery to close off the entry way and reduce the possible contamination of an implant with skin bacteria.

Ultimately, a skilled plastic surgeon will know how to effectively manage your nipple piercing and will work under sterile technique to keep the overall risk of post- operative infection low.

Considering Breast implants with Nipple Piercings

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery with implants, you will have questions. It is important that you select a plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable asking all questions that you have. Even questions you may shy away from or feel self-conscious about – know that your comfort level is key, and your surgeon expects you to have unique questions. It is important that you feel well-informed and guided by your surgeon towards your best-case outcome.

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Dr. Ashley Howarth is one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, she prides herself on exemplary surgical skills coupled with unparalleled, compassionate care. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, and especially if you have questions, the first step is to make an appointment for a consultation at our Scottsdale office.

After a thorough evaluation, and a candid discussion of your personalized goals, Dr. Howarth will develop an individualized plan to match your expectations and meet your specific goals. You will have ample time for questions, and you should leave your appointment with confidence and excitement for your treatment plan of choice.

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