Dr. Jack Friedland: Scottsdale Plastic Surgery Legend, Mentor, and Friend

Jack Friedland MD Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale

Dr. Jack Friedland is a world renowned plastic surgeon known for advancements in the specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been an international lecturer at the most prestigious symposia, conferences, and universities.

Dr. Jack Friedland: Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Friedland has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and contributions to textbooks. He has served on the editorial boards of several publications, including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, among the most prestigious surgical journals in the world.

Dr. Friedland has a special interest and gift in correcting congenital deformities and has completed numerous international medical mission trips.

Dr. Ashley Howarth is proud to know Dr. Friedland as both a surgical mentor and friend. Dr. Friedland has retired, but still maintains a website for more information.


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When it comes to plastic surgery, all patients want to find the best plastic surgeon for their care. Some magazines have feature articles highlighting the best plastic surgeons in Arizona. Search engines are full of results for the top plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. Furthermore, most marketing materials make claims of being the top or number one plastic surgeon.

With multiple sources, and many opinions, how can a patient really know who is the best plastic surgeon in Scottsdale? Read on, because in this post we will look at the various rankings of plastic surgeons and how you might make your selection of the best plastic surgeon for you.

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Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I have fillers or Botox?

Recent news reports have circulated stating that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has caused side effects for people with cosmetic facial fillers.  These side effects have been reported as extremely rare, and only affecting individuals with the Moderna vaccine (not the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine).  Although these instances are very rare, in two instances there was local facial swelling within two days of the vaccination.  The reported incidents included mild swelling reactions that responded quickly to steroids or over-the-counter anti-histamines.  The reported cases did not require administration of an epi-pen, hospitalization, or additional treatment.

A patient should not avoid the COVID-19 vaccination due to a history of dermal fillers.  Due to the rarity of the interaction, the minimal severity of the reaction, and the successful response with anti-histamine, we do not hesitate in recommending either of the COVID-19 vaccines for patients with fillers. For cosmetic options using Botox or fillers, please visit Dr. Ashley Howarth, one of the top female plastic surgeons in Scottsdale.