Can You Transfer Fat to Your Breasts? Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation FAQs

Can you Transfer Fat to your Breasts?

More women are asking the question, can I transfer fat to my breasts? Fat-transfer breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure in which liposuction removes fat from one location of a woman’s body and transfers it to her breasts. In fact, some women consider this a win/win. Lose fat in trouble areas and gain volume in the breasts.

In contrast to augmentation with implants, fat transferring procedures provide an all-natural means of increasing breast volume. The procedure works best for women who desire a modest increase in breast volume and those who have minimal breast sagging. Additionally, breasts should have aesthetically pleasing skin tone and texture, for best results.

There are many questions women have about this procedure. In this article, we will address some of the most common questions regarding fat transfer breast augmentation.

What is a Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer uses liposuction to remove excess fat from an area of the body with the intent on injecting it elsewhere. In between, the fat cells undergo processing, filtering, and placement into small syringes for injection. Ultimately, areas of the body needing volume receive fat injected through a small incision. Common areas to treat with fat injection include the face, the breasts and sometimes hips or buttocks.

Can You Do a Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Some women are better candidates than others for fat transfer to breasts. Usually, it depends on the increase in volume you are seeking, the amount of excess fat in your body, and your breasts’ initial appearance. If you are wondering if you can do a fat transfer to your breasts, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon. Every woman’s body is unique, and a plastic surgeon can discuss the details of your case and make recommendations.

How Can I Transfer my Body Fat to my Breasts?

The process of transferring fat is unique to each patient.  In some cases, women have excess fat removed from their abdomen, purified, and utilized in breast augmentation. The abdomen is a common area to access extra fat. However. there are other sites utilized such as thighs or hips to access extra fat for the transfer.  Your plastic surgeon will be able to make the optimal recommendation for your procedure, after a thorough personal consultation and detailed physical exam.

Is it Safe to Transfer Fat to Breasts?

When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, a fat transfer is very safe and poses little health risk to patients. Fat is part of the body, a natural element, and transferring it to a different area of the body is generally safe and effective. To clarify, all procedures carry some minimal risks, but the risks are relatively low.  The plastic surgery consultation will address any of the potential rare complications of fat transfer.

Can a Fat Transfer Lift Breasts?

While a fat transfer often gives a more aesthetic breast shape and contour, it does not lift the breast. If breasts are sagging, with nipples pointing downward, a breast lift is the best option to elevate the projection of the entire breast. Certainly, fat transfer with breast lift is an option and your plastic surgeon can address options during a consultation.

How Long Does Fat Grafting to Breasts Last?

Fat grafting is generally a long-lasting procedure. During the immediate postoperative phase, some transplanted fat cells will expectedly not survive, and will reabsorb.  However, fat that remains after three months is permanent. The grafted fat is the new normal and does not need replacement down the road. Assuredly, however, that the aging process does not stop. As a result, time and gravity will continue to impact the look of the breasts over the years.

Can you Get a Fat Transfer from Someone Else?

Some women wonder if they can use fat from someone else for their procedure. Unfortunately, no. The body would reject fat transferred from another person. Thus, it is not a possible procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Fat Transfer?

Although every healing process is unique, most women can return to work in about a week after fat transfer breast augmentation. In general, it takes about six weeks to resume full activity and exercise.

Most women have some initial soreness in the breasts and in the parts of the body that underwent liposuction. Some bruising and swelling are common. You may need to wear a compression bra for a few days after the fat transfer. Your specific postoperative healing will depend on many factors, but in general, most women recover quickly and quite well.

How Much Does Breast Fat Grafting Cost?

Many factors impact how much a breast fat grafting procedure will cost. Where you undergo the procedure, the type of anesthesia, and any additional interventions needed all impact the cost.

In some cases, a second fat transfer may occur to further increase breast volume or to perfect contour, thus increasing cost. Your specific case will depend on a host of factors that are individual to you, including your goals.

During your plastic surgery consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss all options, ask questions, and find out more about the comprehensive cost of fat transfer to breasts.

Consultation with Dr. Ashley Howarth, Female Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale

The first step to finding out if you are a candidate for fat transfer to your breasts is to schedule a thorough, in-person consultation at the office of Dr. Ashley Howarth. Dr. Howarth is a top female plastic surgeon in Scottsdale who is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures including fat-transfer breast augmentation.

Dr. Ashley Howarth has the precise attention to detail, extensive background, and high-level surgical skills to provide the best plan of care for your specific situation. During your consultation, she will perform a careful evaluation and spend time listening to your concerns and goals for your breasts.

You will have the opportunity to meet with our financial coordinator and have your cost questions answered. If you are considering fat-transfer breast augmentation, contact our office for an appointment. Dr. Howarth treats all patients with unparalleled compassion and delivers beautiful, natural results for women seeking plastic surgery.

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Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Answers Questions about Fat Transfer to Breasts

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