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Dr. Ashley Howarth is known as a top plastic surgeon for mommy makeover surgery in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas of Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, AZ. Motherhood is a gift that changes a woman’s life forever. In addition, motherhood brings physical changes from pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. The popular mommy makeover procedure can reverse these physical changes to the breasts and body. Dr. Ashley Howarth is a Scottsdale plastic surgeon and mother. She specializes in helping restore women to their pre-pregnancy figure with mommy makeover surgery.

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a set of personalized plastic surgery procedures to target common problem areas for moms that have occurred since pregnancy and childbirth. Most important, a mommy makeover will address changes that have occurred to a mother’s breasts and abdominal area that have resulted from pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A mommy makeover can target abdominal skin that stretched during pregnancy, along with excess lingering areas of fat that have remained since childbirth. Additionally, women’s breasts change from pregnancy and nursing, and a mommy makeover can reverse sagging or drooping breasts, downward pointed nipples, deflated looking breasts, or breasts that have become too large.

Although most mommy makeover procedure sets include abdominal tightening or tummy tuck, body sculpting or liposuction, and breast enhancement surgery, each treatment plan is unique and may include different surgical or non-surgical options.

Choosing Your Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Mommy Makeover

Why select Dr. Howarth for your Mommy Makeover in Scottsdale?

Dr. Ashley Howarth is a mother and a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale who understands the changes and challenges that mothers face having children. She treats each patient individually to achieve personalized results. After a thorough consultation and evaluation, Dr. Howarth will develop an ideal treatment plan for you to help restore your body to its most natural, pre-pregnancy state. Dr. Howarth is known as one of Scottsdale’s top female plastic surgeons because of her obsession to detail, compassionate care, and technical expertise.

What is included in your Mommy Makeover?

Each mommy makeover may require different procedures, depending on a patient’s needs or goals. Your makeover could include a breast augmentation or lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss which of these procedures will be necessary to help you achieve your ideal mommy makeover outcome. Not all patients require all three elements of the mommy makeover.

Consultation for Mommy Makeover Scottsdale

Three Components of a Mommy Makeover


Many mothers complain that their breasts following childbirth and nursing feel deflated, droopy, empty, saggy, or low. During a mommy makeover, breast implants can augment or replace the volume of the breast, restoring them to a more natural volume. If the skin of the breast needs tightened, or the position of the breast needs raised, then a breast lift may be recommended. In some cases when breasts have become disproportionally large, a breast reduction is part of a mommy makeover.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a component of most mommy makeover procedures. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, tightens the skin of the abdomen which had been stretched due to pregnancy. The abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, removes many of the stretch lines left from pregnancy, as well as leaving the abdomen with a flat, more tone, appearance.  small scar from the tummy tuck is hidden below the bikini line.


Liposuction can remove unwanted fat tissue that has accumulated in the breasts, abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms. The procedure is performed strategically to create your ideal, natural proportion and contours. Liposuction generally accompanies a tummy tuck to create ideal contours and a flat abdominal tone. Dr. Howarth will address during her consultation with you if you are a candidate for liposuction as a part of your mommy makeover.

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What to Expect with Dr. Howarth at your

Mommy Makeover Consultation

Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale Mommy Makeover

What is the process for your Mommy Makeover consultation in Scottsdale?

To set up your mommy makeover consultation with Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley Howarth, simply request an appointment. At your consultation appointment at our office in Paradise Valley, you will have a chance to visit with Dr. Howarth who will review with you your medical history, discuss your concerns about your body, and develop your personalized mommy makeover plan.

At the day of your mommy makeover consultation, please bring any questions you may have. Dr. Howarth will review with you the components of the mommy makeover, and discuss with you which breast, abdomen, and liposuction options would be most beneficial for you.

How much does a Mommy Makeover cost in Scottsdale?

At your mommy makeover consultation, Dr. Howarth will create a personalized plan which may involve both surgical and non-surgical procedures. After your plan is presented to you, you will meet with our finance coordinator who can tell you how much your mommy makeover will cost and answer any finance related questions. Without a consultation, we do not provide estimates for how much a mommy makeover costs, as each procedure varies from patient to patient.

Mommy Makeover Process

Am I a candidate for a mommy makeover?

Your personal consultation with Dr. Howarth is your one-on-one opportunity to learn if you are a good candidate for mommy makeover surgery and which surgical or non-surgical components of a mommy makeover would be most beneficial. Most importantly during the consultation, your surgeon will conduct a physical examination and discuss with you your specific goals and expectations.

Generally, a mommy makeover candidate should be in good overall health, not be pregnant or nursing, and ready to improve her breast and body through surgery.

Because each mommy makeover candidate is different, so is each personalized surgical plan.

What should I expect during my mommy makeover?

On the day of your procedure, you can expect the following: First, Dr. Howarth will review with you your surgical plan. Second, she will answer any last-minute questions. Third, our staff will provide care instructions. Your mommy makeover procedure will take placed at the Paradise Valley Cosmetic Surgery Center, which is conveniently located adjacent to our office.

Depending on the extent of your procedures, you may stay overnight at our on-site recovery suite. While there, nursing staff will ensure your comfort as you recover overnight in the state-of-the-art recovery suite. If the mommy makeover is a single procedure of shorter duration, then your surgery may be an outpatient procedure where you return home the same day.

What is recovery like after my mommy makeover?

Each patient’s mommy makeover is different and is comprised of different surgical procedures, and each patient’s recovery is different as well. At first, expect some pain and soreness that is worse during the first days, but is comfortably managed with a pain management protocol provided by Dr. Howarth.

In addition, caring for your incisions is very important. Therefore, Dr. Howarth makes an obsessive effort to minimize incisions and scarring. Generally, patients can minimize their scarring with proper care and treatment.

Finally, your post-operative follow-up appointments are ideal opportunities to ask questions and ensure that you are recovering as expected. During recovery, avoid strenuous exercise, especially lifting weights, during the weeks following mommy makeover surgery.

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Considering traveling to Scottsdale for your plastic surgery? Many of our out of town patients have found the process very easy.  Located just twenty minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), our office in Paradise Valley is a perfect location for destination plastic surgery.  We have partnered with local resorts to create the perfect surgical getaway.  Come visit Dr. Howarth and her team in Scottsdale where the sun shines over three hundred days a year!  To start the process, please request a consultation and let us know you will be traveling from out of state.

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